CDCH for guided tours in Verona

Without flicking through maps and guide-books, let Verona Transfer get the job done and visit the best attractions that Verona has to offer, solely accompanied by our experience … and, obviously, seated into our chauffeur driven comfortable car.

You will undertake a journey through various historical ages, starting from Roman times up to the beginning of the twentieth century, a fascinating itinerary covered among architectural and artistic styles, tales and legends of one of the most beautiful Italian cities. The actual guided tour will be preceded by an opening route outside the ancient walls, so as to admire monuments located far from the centre: Porte Veneziane and the Austrian defensive walls, many wonderful churches like those ones of San Zeno Maggiore, San Giorgio, Santa Maria in Organo and San Fermo, the Castelvecchio castle, the Arco dei Gavi and Porta Borsari arches, the Ponte Pietra bridge, as well as the the Roman Theatre.

For the lover of the landscape, we have planned an elective diversion to the standard itinerary, driving you up to the Torricelle – the hills overlooking Verona – to be fascinated by their unique and breath-taking view.

The guided tour inside the walls twists and turns through the streets of the centre. Many of them had been designed by the ancient Romans when they founded the city and are now overlaid by two millenniums of history and constructions. Verona is a city made up of layers: on a Roman basis including impressive monuments and evocative ruins, you’ll admire, like being encrusted, elegant Romanesque churches, Gothic houses and richly decorated Renaissance buildings belonging to the long-lasting and prosperous Venice’s dominion.

Thanks to our experience, you will even grab all hidden aspects of the city, concealed in the narrow alleys, secluded squares and porches of days gone by. Throughout the itinerary, you will see Romeo and Juliet’s houses, the suggestive Arche Scaligere (a masterpiece of the Gothic), Piazza dei Signori (a real architecture open-air museum), Piazza delle Erbe with its Madonna Verona fountain and the wonderful buildings encircling the square, the Arena (the Roman amphitheatre dated back to the first century) and much, much more. The tour can be modified according to your preferences also while ongoing, maybe visiting one of the churches on the way, the Arena or one of the various museums of the city.

Verona Transfer leads you to discovery of Lake Garda, one of the most appealing Italian locations, rich in history, culture, traditions and tales. On a one-day trip, various places can be visited on the shores of Lake Garda among those ones highlighted in the following overview.

Sirmione: the „pearl” of the lake, is one of the most coveted places of lake Garda, attracting visitors and holidaymakers all year round. Its heartbreaking atmospheres had been eulogised by Catullus in one of his poems since the first century BC.

Peschiera del Garda: located on the southern shore of the lake, is the westernmost municipality of the Province of Verona. Peschiera’s origins are closely connected to its peculiar position at the mouth of the Mincio River estuary and date back to the prehistory.

is the first village you will reach on the Eastern shore of Lake Garda while leaving from Verona. It was a little independent municipality, whose economy was based on fishing and small trades. Nowadays it has become one of the major tourist attraction centres.

‘s origins are very old, its roots extending back to the centuries following the collapse of the Roman Empire and the earlier Barbarian invasions. Proofs of the Scaliger dominion are still visible in the heart of the village, in the small towers and in the ruins of the defensive walls. Thanks to its tourist residences, typical restaurants and pubs, popular coffee bars and discos both in the town centre and in the hills, Bardolino is now one of the most renowned tourist places on the Eastern shore of Lake Garda.

Punta San Vigilio:
a small promontory and peninsula pushed out towards the lake, is one of the most evocative and romantic places on the shore of Lake Garda. The village has been built on the head of the promontory and includes a small port surrounded by protective walls and an ancient lemon-house, as many others that used to be built in the area in the days gone by.

Torri del Benaco:
The name arises from the numerous watchtowers (torri=towers) that had been built for defensive purposes starting from the dark ages. These towers are the peculiarity of “Torri” – as the village is usually called by the locals – down to the present day. The castle dates back to the Scaliger age, as for the majority of the centres on the Eastern shore of Lake Garda.