Wine Tour

Verona Transfer organizes guided Wine Tours with taste itinerary in the major wine-producing areas close to Verona, as well as in the neighbouring regions.


Thanks to our experience and a direct knowledge of territory, wine cellars and locations of wine and culinary entities, we are able to organize highly customized itineraries suitable for a wide range of wine enthusiasts:

tours for inquiring novices wishing to discover details and peculiarities of the Amarone and other excellent wines of Verona area, for lovers that want to enhance their know-how of wine production processes and categories, for experts in search of products hard to track down, and for professionals in this field and importers who need a skilled advisor in order to explore new trade opportunities.

You could visit either great innovative industrial facilities provided with stainless steel silos, pumps and bottling plants, or a small family run business owning a vineyard in the backside of its house or, if you prefer, a small wine cellar built around a huge oak cask where the wine is settled or clarified. By hiring one of our chauffeur driven cars, you will reach whichever wine production areas nearby Verona in no more than 30 minutes. Many wine cellars can be visited with advance reservation, being obviously possible to taste their wines, walk through the vineyard and enter the damp cellars immersed in the fragrances of oak and grape must: an authentic unforgettable experience for both professionals and novices. A visit to a few wine cellars of Verona area can become a unique experience, whether you’ll do it alone or with peers, with a focused purpose or just for the delight of discovering something new.