Why choosing CDCH


The chauffeur driven car hire (CDCH) is a trade that has been enjoying an impressive and continuous boost within a moving global system. While moving, everybody feels the necessity to entrust himself to professionals able to grant a safe and efficient transport in either domestic or international travels. Our cars are authorized to use fast tracks, to enter congestion charge and limited traffic zones (ZTL) and to travel in spite of ground traffic embargo. A CHDC service allows you to agree upon your itinerary in advance according to your needs. Time and itinerary flexibility, service dynamism, mutual confidence between chauffeur and client, use of executive vehicles for great comfort: these are just a few aspects that confer to NCC a distinctive nature compared to other public and private transport services.


Don't be misled by the popular stereotype, which states that a luxurious service, the use of executive vehicles, an attentive customer care, the availability, professionalism and discretion that mark out the CDCH service will unavoidably lead to a rise in price when compared to a common taxi service. Actually, the rate will be most often the same or even lower than that one of a common taxi service. Why that? The CDCH vehicles are not provided with a taximeter. The quote will be given in advance and won't be subjected to unexpected changes related to traffic conditions, congestions, number of passengers, number of suitcases on board, time band, night surcharges and so on.

On equal terms, do not opt for a decent service if you can enjoy a first class service: choose the chauffeur driven car hire (CDCH), and, above all, choose Verona Transfer.